ChessRally 2.6  (Full Install)
(Build 925 - Released January 14, 2010)

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Description: ChessRally 2 Gold Edition is the Premiere Chess Game for the Microsoft® Windows® platform.  With ChessRally 2, you can play chess with your friends and family with more flexibility than any other chess software available.  Join us in our Online Rally Rooms (Chess Servers) to play or watch chess games, engage in lively chat, and just have tons of fun... you can even get personal chess playing instruction from one of our Live Tutors!  You can also play the best Email Correspondence Chess ever created, or play one-on-one a over the Internet or Local Area Network with a friend through a peer-to-peer Direct Network Game.  Not only that, but you can also play against a computer opponent with several challenging levels of skill!  ChessRally has it all!  ChessRally 2 was designed for all versions of Windows®, from Windows® 7 down to Windows® 2000.  More...
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NOTE: If you have any trouble with downloading or installing ChessRally, then please contact Ingenuware Support at for assistance.  We will do our best to help you resolve any download or installation problems you may encounter, so if you're having download or install problems, then don't give up!  Let us help you!

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