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At you can play chess online for FREE, maintain your online chess rating, socialize in chat rooms, invite your friends to play chess, create your own private chess network, receive online Master training, search through millions of PGN games and get statistics on all key moves.

The Free Internet Chess Server
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Free Internet Chess Server

Play chess on the web for free.
The Free Internet Chess Server, with over 300000 registered users, is one of the oldest and one of the largest internet chess servers. Whether serious with your chess or just looking for the occasional game, whether looking for another player or eager to challenge a strong computer, whether you like a blitz chess or you are fond of one of the many variants, here you can play chess over the internet for free.

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Play a friendly chess game online, or compete against other chess players — all you need is 10 minutes to enjoy playing chess online every day. You choose when to move or how often — no need to finish your chess games in one sitting, you can return to them whenever you have time to play online. Play several chess games online simultaneously, try different chess strategies and chess openings. No additional software to download, easy navigation, free registration, online chess at its best!

The Internet Chess Club
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The Internet Chess Club

The Internet Chess Club (ICC) is the longest running, most popular, and best place to play chess on the Internet. Nowhere else can you find as many chess enthusiasts ready for a quick round of blitz, a short chat, an impromptu tournament, or simply enjoying the wealth of Chess.FM shows and live event coverage. It is not uncommon to find more than 3,000 chess players hanging out on ICC where more than 100,000 games are played each day.

If there is one place to play online chess, this is it! On, the world’s biggest chess server, you will find 20,000 chess lovers every day, from all over the world. You will immediately be able to find an opponent of your own playing strength, or if you fancy watching, you can kibitz grandmaster games and follow world class tournaments. Why not attend a training lesson or take part in a simultaneous exhibition against a grandmaster while you're at it? There is a room for beginners and hobby players, where you can also play without a chess clock.

BrainKing is an online game server where anyone can play popular board and card games with anybody around the world. Our site supports a wide variety of card games (Texas Hold'em Online Poker, ...), along with classic (Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Go, ...), modern (Lines of Action, Breakthrough, Dice Poker, Logik, ...) and even user invented (Cloning Backgammon, Frog Finder, Capablanca Random Chess, ...) board games and many other functions and advantages.

Our website allows chess players from around the world to play chess games with each other, anytime 24 hours a day.

We have many benefits for chess players that have an active and busy lifestyle. For example, if you have children, it's sometimes difficult to play a full game without being interrupted. If you was playing a live chess game and got called away, you would have to resign the game or lose by timing out. Being called away in the middle of a game is no problem here at

Red Hot Pawn
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Red Hot Pown

Play online correspondence chess through a feature-rich, browser interface against your friends or other members. No downloads are required to play online chess, and it is completely free to sign up and play.

Welcome to SchemingMind Correspondence Chess Club, where you can play correspondence chess and chess variants against 1.065 active chess players from all around the world!

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Online chess community where you can play chess, learn strategies and tactics, read chess news, see book reviews, find rules & tips, get free downloads, and more!


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Great online Chess game play system who's main focus is to promote good healthy competition to the entire world for free.



Canada  Ontario  Geeks with Chess - Free Online Chess
Canada  Ontario - Live Chess
Canada  Ontario  Free Chess Online
Canada  Ontario  Live Chess - Free Online Chess

Play free online chess games with people at all levels, socialize, compete and express yourself. Whether you are an outright beginner, an occasional player or a regular visitor to clubs, we invite you to play free.

Live Chess


United Kingdom  Chess Hotel - Online Chess
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Sweden  Chess Hotel - Xadrez online
Sweden  Chess Hotel - Online Scacchi
Sweden  Chess Hotel - Spela Schack

Welcome to a new and exciting place to play chess.
At Chess Hotel you can play regular chess and fischer random chess online in realtime against players from all over the world. Just register and join one of the game rooms.

Chess Hotel



This site provide a chess email server for play correspondence chess. It's fully automatic server. The games are refereed and recorded by the chess server. In this place you can meet players from all over the world. You can play rated games and participate in tournaments.

Chess Email


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Play free online chess, hybrid online chess site offering real time chess and correspondence chess with international players, tournaments, teams, clubs, chess database, chess forums.

Chess Maniac


   Massachusetts  Chess Net

The Best place to play Chess on the web and to chat and meet new friends fromaround the world. Chess Net Gold Members enjoy the benefits of the BEST Chess Client on the internet, planned tournaments, all levels of play from beginners to Grandmasters.

Chess Net


  Correspondence Chess Server for Chess Players

The place where you can meet chess players from all over the world. Moves are transmitted and recorded over the server so you only need a modern web browser with java script enabled.

Correspondence Chess - Ajedrez Online es un lugar donde poder jugar al ajedrez online, totalmente gratuito y sin prisas..
Podrás jugar todas las partidas que quieras, rápidas a 10 minutos o lentas a 6, 7 o incluso 10 días. Como mejor prefieras, como quieras en cada momento.
Podrás jugar torneos, o partidas individuales o simplemente hablar de ajedrez, lo que tu quieras, a tu ritmo, a tu gusto.
Y tenemos nuestro foro donde muchísimos jugadores de ajedrez y algunos muy muy buenos nos enseñan a jugar si es lo que quieres.


  My Chess Live - A quality, flash based, online chess server. Each game is saved for review with computer analysis and user discussion.

My Chess Live


Argentina  Open Games
United Kingdom  Open Games

Español: Opengames es otro sitio social más para jugar juegos de tablero gratis. Tiene una interfaz moderna y sólo necesita un navegador para jugar Ajedrez y variantes, Gomoku, Pente, entre otros. No necesita descargar absolutamente nada, no necesita plugins Java ni Flash, ni enviar SMS a ningún lado.
English: Opengames is a another yet social site for play board games for free. Opengames has a modern interface and only needs a browser to play Chess and variants, Gomoku, Pente and more.

Open Games


  Peon Ocho

Un nuevo servidor de ajedrez en Internet. Regístrese ahora completamente gratis y podrá disponer de todas las características que le ofrece nuestro servidor para la práctica o estudio del ajedrez. Recibirá una puntuación ELO con la que podrá jugar en línea

Peon Ocho


  New York  World Chess Live

Welcome to World Chess Live (WCL), a new family-friendly online chess service. The goal of this site is to create an online chess community for novice, intermediate, and recreational chess players.

World Chess Live


  Wisconsin  QueenAlice is a friendly community of correspondence chess players of all levels and ages. Playing chess at is great way to improve your game and have fun without having to invest a lot of your time

Queen Alice

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این وب سایت رسمی شطرنج نوین می باشد.امید است با همکاری همه عزیزان علاقه مند به این رشته ورزشی مهیج بتوانیم ان را در بین جوانان این شهر رواج دهیم.

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دریافت کدهای جاوا برای وبلاگ شما

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